Face to Face

Face to Face - 2007

Directed by Craig Maloney
Production Manager Shirlene Dixon
Stage Manager Hedley Finger
Costumes Stephanie Harvey
Ticketing Phillipa Walsh-Maloney
Lighting Lisa
Front of House Manager Alastair Thomas
Front of House June Clark
Janet Parsons
Margot Edwards
Shirlene Dixon
Maureen Houweling
Stephanie Harvey

Cast List

Glen Tregaskis Sam Lee
Barry McLean Nathanial Riding
Greg Baldoni Paul Houweling
Maureen Tregaskis Leonie Poynter
Jack Manning Steve Barber
Therese Natalie Silsbury
Richard Halligan Phillip Hartley
Luka Mitrovic Dave Campbell
Clair Baldoni Jill Dee
Julie Rossiter Katie Packer

Back: Craig Maloney, Sam Lee, Nathanial Riding, Paul Houweling
Centre: Leonie Poynter, Steve Barber, Natalie Silsbury, Phillip Hartley Richard Halligan
Front: Shirlene Dixon, Dave Campbell, Jill Dee, Hedley Finger, Katie Packer.


Face to Face is the dramatic and humorous account of simple construction worker Glen. After a difficult childhood he is a young man with a short fuse. Glen beats up a co-worker, then when he is sacked, in a fit of anger, rams his car into the back of his boss's Mercedes. He is given the opportunity to discuss his actions in a community conference, rather than going straight to court. Glen is desperate to get his job back ..... "that job's me bloody life", he laments.

Can Glen be brought to accept the consequences of his hotheaded behaviour, or will he end up in gaol? And what other stories and secrets will be revealed as the drama unfolds? Who's the real victim here, and who's to blame - Glen, his family, his workmates, his boss, or society in general?

This play is the first part of a Trilogy in which David Williamson explores the potential of community conferencing, a form of restorative justice where offenders are brought face to face with those who have suffered from their misdeeds, and have the chance to make amends without going to prison. The other plays in the trilogy are A Conversation and Charitable Intent.

David Williamson is one of Australia's best known playwrights. He rose to prominence in the early 1970s, with works such as Don’s Party and The Removalists. He also collaborated on the screenplays for Gallipoli (1980) and The Year of Living Dangerously (1982). His work focuses on themes of politics, loyalty and family in contemporary urban Australia. Major works include The Club, The Department, Travelling North, The Perfectionist, Emerald City, Money and Friends and Brilliant Lies.