Club Phoenix - 1998

Written by Phillipa Thomas-Walsh and Craig Maloney
Directed by Craig Maloney
Musically Directed by Wendy Greene
Choreographed by Caroline Owen
Produced by Jenny Hivon
Stage Manager Phillipa Thomas-Walsh

Cast List

Stephan Brian Hurley
Megan Ngyrie Starkey
Annabelle La Vaca Kerry Purdy
Roxanna Jacqueline Richardson
Freda Barbara Tippett
Miss Amanda Mandy Tyson
George Romeo Robert Morrison
Sally Phyl Joy
Frank David Marasco
Juliet Jones Angela Hart
Club Phoenix Performers and Patrons
Justin Burnham
Melissa Filshie
Matthew Gould
Tanya Houston
Jamie Jones
Renée Maloney
Marissa Malvaso
Anita Martin
Robert McKay
Helene Preece
Lainie Price
Josh Price
Sam Price
Gemma Purdy
Anna Salines
Alastair Thomas
Kenneth Thomas
Stewart Thomas
Jessie Tyson
Shannon Tyson
Tamara Tyson


Freda Harcourt, the famous Broadway star, retires with her friend Stefan to open up a club in Los Angeles. Twenty years later we meet up with them again, Stefan is the manager of Club Phoenix. The other staff are Roxanna and Annabelle La Vaca, the performers who both vie for the position of headliner at the club. Tensions rise as Megan the waitress is elevated to their status as a performer also! Sally the cleaner and Miss Amanda the choreographer watch the fun and games and sometimes stir the pot as well! it would seem that love is in the air as George Romeo, the entertainment reporter, becomes besotted with a patron, Juliet Jones. Stefan finds a new love also. To add to all of this Freda decides to bring children into the act, Miss Amanda is distressed but thankful that she didn't opt for animals as well. Emotions are running hot in the club. Stefan is in a panic. Poor Annabelle has had to put off her wedding for the eighth time! Stefan and his new love Megan Gold are worried that Freda will discover them. Miss Amanda lets some skeletons out of the cupboard and Stefan is not amused. However,as in all good musicals, all of the problems are resolved. Everyone lived happily ever after!