Baby, a musical with a book by Sybille Pearson, based on a story developed with Susan Yankowitz, music by David Shire and lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr., concerns the reactions of three couples each newly expecting a child and having different but familiar reactions. Throughout the show, these parents-to-be experience the emotional stresses and triumphs, the desperate lows and the comic highs, that accompany the anticipation and arrival of a baby.

Production Team

Co-Directors – Craig Maloney & Renée Maloney
Musical Director – Stewart Garrett
Choreographer – Renée Maloney
Production Manager – Alastair Thomas
Production Assistants – Tamblyn Smith & Craig Dewar


Alan Greg Beresniak
Arlene Jennie Kellaway
Nick Steven Keane
Pam Carla Gianinotti
Danny Matthew Allen
Lizzie Kate Warner
Doctor Amber Cawley
Cameo Roles
Gary Barcham Jesse O'Donnell
Michelle Di Guglielmo Asja Sarajlic
Cathy Marriot Lauren Zerbi